Life is pretty much simple until we don’t get curious about something.

At first there is a is a simple curiosity, and when the feeling of curiosity becomes an intense want it is to be termed as desire.

kāma is often popularly used to refer sex. But this is not entirely correct. The desire for sex is only one type of desire among many around.

The pure longing to attain GOD is also a kāma.

The word śāstra can be equated to Science. Science is always hard and fast until and unless the scientist does not change reasoning’s involved. Science is about knowing the laws of nature made by GOD. Man has to follow the science that has been made available to them. Thereby will address the hard and fast rules or laws of desire.

At once we realize the rules of desire, we can address the same and put it to a valid use. Or else desires are well known to ruin lives if incorrectly understood.